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Wishava USMLE

USMLE Match 2024 is approaching again - applications are due in September!

Work with our team of strategist and medical residents on your journey to match.

Interview Practice

Application Materials



To provide guidance and support to IMGs in their journey to match. For the average IMG the match process is not only foreign, but also exhaustive. It requires more than only a medical resume and STEP exams, but we are here to support you.


The match process is holistic, tough, and will challenge even the most experienced applicant. However, it is possible.

Doctor Taking Notes

We focus on Strategy & Storytelling, and leave the medical stuff to you.

We recognize that you've already worked hard and gained the medical expertise to get this far.

We work with you to bolster your strengths and fortify under-developed areas.

What to Expect

Personalized strategy & story

We brainstorm, develop, refine and iterate. The clearer your story, the clearer your strategy.

Interview preparation

We get you prepared to share who you are, what you have to offer, and why they should choose you.

Mentorship & guidance

Our mentors have been in your shoes and want to help. Yes, they are busy, so we offer mentorship pairings with US medical residents based on availability.

What not to expect

 A Ghostwriter

We develop and edit application material, we do not write the application. It's your voice, your work, your experience.

Instructions on where to apply and rank

Our mentors can offer guidance, advice and direction, but they cannot make decisions for you. 

Direct connections with USCE

USCE is critical for IMGs and we do our best to strategize how best to incorporate this into an application, but we do not offer resources to USCE at this time.

We're here to support you, but
there is no one who knows your journey and goals better than you.


Monique Williams

Lead Strategist

I combine my professional skills and understanding of the US system with the invaluable experience of current medical residents to help IMGs match.


Dr. Carol Williams, MD

Lead Mentor

I'll help you along your IMG journey and residency match process! I'm currently a resident in family medicine and I matched as an International Medical Graduate.

Thanks for submitting!

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